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haven’t taken a webcam selfie in long
also i got a boyfriend yesterday called Arran and hes rEALLY cute and hes super nice but he lives far away;_;
Anonymous: Is Arran your boyfriend? I thought I should ask bc I kinda want him and I would actually do Tina Belcher style dancing for him.

Yeah he is, and omfg I’m sure he’d really like that:’)

Anonymous: psst. you're cute.

ahh thank u

Anonymous: can u look at my butt

well i’m not saying no

Anonymous: did u go out with chris or armen?

armen for a few months

Anonymous: You're really hot and the things I would do to is unreal

t hank you omg

Anonymous: how do you feel about chris and armen dating bc your relationship ended with a lot of drama on twitter

it’s none of my business but i don’t really care tbh as long as they’re happy

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august 21, 2014
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(30) Tumblr on We Heart It.
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